Ever since Family Guy debuted on Fox, it has been compared to the Simpsons.

Soon those comparisons will be very apparent. The animation giants are set to share the screen on September 28th.

The crossover has been long  desired by fans. Those in attendance at this year’s San Diego Comic Con got a glimpse of five magical minutes as two Sunday night favorites went head to head.

It doesn’t take long for the Family Guy clan to poke fun at the long running gag of not being sure where exactly Springfield is. The Simpsons return the favor by partaking in patented Family Guy flashbacks.

Fans will cheer as Homer and Peter duke it out, or snicker as Bart and Stewie prank call the hapless Moe.

In short, the five minutes leaves you wanting more, and September can’t come soon enough for Sunday night animation fanatics.

You can see the clip here:


What characters do you want to see interact? Marge and Lois? Santa’s Little Helper and Brian?

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