Developers IO interactive have released an 18 minute video showcasing the all new Contracts Mode for Hitman Absolution.

The new Contracts Mode is a new online feature of Hitman Absolution, which let’s players create and share custom “hits”.

The video description reads, “As an asynchronous mode, CONTRACTS allows fans to compete against friends at any time, regardless of whether they are online. HITMAN: ABSOLUTION will also ship with many pre-set CONTRACTS, each designed by the very best assassins at IO Interactive.”

The Contracts Mode puts the power into the hands of the players by having them choose their own level, targets and weapons. They can set their own terms for completion of the contract based on the “style, time and witnesses”.

This gives a whole new spin on the multiplayer dimension of gaming. With a very different genre of stealth based action game, Hitman Absolution has opted for a different route for the multiplayer action.

Being in-sync with the game’s core style, Contracts Mode will capitalize on the customized selection options and also on the added advantage of being able to compete with friends who are not online. This adds a competitive spirit to mutliplayer, without the need of having all the players online at the same time.

Hitman Absolution is all set for a November  20, 2012, worldwide release for Xbox-360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Here is the 18 minute trailer released by IO interactive. Share with us what you think about Hitman Absolution and the brand new Contracts Mode, in the comments section below.