Hitman AbsolutionDeveloper IO Interactive has released a brand new trailer for Hitman Absolution titled “Living, Breathing World“.

The brand new trailer gives us a glimpse into the world of Hitman Absolution. The trailer reveals a wide array of characters.

The trailer mostly features character settings, ambiance build up, and a voice over explaining the diverse world of Hitman Absolution. It explains how Agent 47 will be a part of this world. It also shows a scene where hiding and listening to the characters will divulge vital information, which will then help the players progress in the game.

This type of stealth approach is what the Hitman series is all about.

We also get a good amount of in-game footage and some cut scenes in the new Hitman Absolution trailer.

The world of Hitman is dark in some places… bright and lively in others. The diversity makes for some interesting and fascinating visuals. The cut scenes are generated with the in-game engine from the looks of it, and it displays a highly detailed environment.

Hitman Absolution is set for a November 20, 2012, release. It is available for pre-ordering now.

The new trailer for Hitman Absolution is below.

Will Hitman Absolution live up to it’s hype and expectations? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!