Hot Pursuit debuted at second place this weekend at the box office, earning only $13.3 million. First place went to Avengers Age of Ultron for the second week in a row.

Age of Ultron brought in $77.2 million this Mother’s Day weekend.

Hot Pursuit stars Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon as Danielle Riva and Rose Cooper. The film’s plot requires police officer Cooper to protect Riva and her husband from criminals and corrupt cops.

The action comedy was directed by Anne Fletcher and written by David Feeney and John Quaintance.

It was released on May 8th to generally unfavorable reviews. Its lack of humor being a common complaint among reviewers.

Unfortunately for the makers of the film, it did not meet expectations, and wasn’t well-received by audiences.

The movie’s budget was $35 million, meaning that it still hasn’t earned the amount back.

Having such a low-budget movie debut alongside a Marvel film was the first sign of bad luck.

Since it’ll likely be competing with the Avengers next week as well, it likely won’t be earning back its budget.

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