Hot Sales On Amazon Now: Donald Trump Reversible Belt?

Hot Sales On Amazon Now: Donald Trump Reversible Belt?

Believe it or not, shoppers are buying up a reversible belt by Donald Trump on

In the last 24 hours, this belt has moved in sales rank from about 356 thousand down to the enviable 47, an increase of a whopping more than 750 thousand percent. lists the belt as being part of the Donald Trump line of apparel.  The sales page also says that it is a “one size fits all” accessory than can handle sizes up to size 44.

The trending set is actually a boxed set with two buckles and reversible black to brown strap.  It is also listed as being made in China.

It is unclear why the belt is trending so incredibly and why sales have skyrocketed.  Certainly, the reviews offered by Amazon do not suggest that it is because of the value or quality.  But, people are snatching this item up for $29.99.

Have you seen this belt or bought it?  If so, let us know in the comments section below.

Photo credit: Boss Tweed

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