Hotel Hell, Masterchef, Hell’s Kitchen: Is Ramsay Overcooked?

Hotel Hell, Masterchef, Hell’s Kitchen: Is Ramsay Overcooked?

Gordon Ramsay

Where would summer television be without Gordon Ramsay?

In ‘reality’, it could be rather boring, like a steak without seasoning, to use a reference the great chef would appreciate.

The star of the competition show “Hells Kitchen” and co-star of “Masterchef”, which both air Monday and Tuesday nights on FOX, isn’t satisfied with “just” two current programs, either.

Starting August 13 with a two-night premiere, Ramsay will expand his television menu by visiting lodging establishments in “Hotel Hell”, also on FOX.

Ramsay utilizes his  “get real” style with hotel/motel operators all over the country in an attempt to turn struggling establishments around.

The 45-year-old Scotland native has enjoyed remarkable success, having been awarded 13 Michelin stars for food excellence. While Ramsay is an outstanding chef, it’s his personality that has made him a television star here and in Great Britain.

Ramsay can be “scary mean”, banging on kitchen counters and getting in chefs’ faces for dishes that don’t mean his high standards. He also flashes a quick wit and a big heart at times, however, showing he’s not just a one-trick pony.

The only concern may be “Ramsay burnout”. With “Kitchen Nightmares” running in the fall season and now three programs over the summer, will viewers tire of Chef Gordon’s act?

Will you be tuning in to Ramsay’s new show or will you pass over it on your remote control? We’d love to know, please leave your comments below!

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