“House of Cards” Season 2 Set To Premiere On Valentine’s Day

“House of Cards” Season 2 Set To Premiere On Valentine’s Day

Just a few hours ago, Netflix, the increasingly popular online only content network, announced the release date for the second season of “House of Cards”, their wildly popular (and strangely comedic) political drama series.

Unveiled in the form of a YouTube video, Netflix has confirmed that the new season will be premiering, on their website, on the 14th of February, 2014.

A Valentine’s day treat?

As a huge fan of the series, it was a bit disappointing to see that the video itself was nothing more than Claire Underwood (played by Robin Wright), the wife of Francis J. Underwood (the protagonist), sitting by the now famous windows sill and slowly sucking, ever so seductively I might add, on her ignited death stick.

Nonetheless, I am sure that the many fans of the series, who have likely been obsessively refreshing the house of cards Netflix page ever since the end of the last season, are glad to see that they can, once again, have their entire lives consumed by the unbelievable symbiosis of writing and directing genius that is “House of Cards”.

Are you a House of Cards fan?

Are you hyped for the new season?

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