How To Get Cheap & Free Kindle Books From Amazon

The Kindle and e-readers alike have given shoppers access to thousands of books. 

Unfortunately, this easy way to read books came a very easy way to buy books. The Kindle Store is a costly place for avid readers!

But have no fear, let’s look at four ways to save money on e-books:

Stock up on classics

Amazon offers thousands of literary classics from The Wizard of Oz to The Art of War. The best part is they are all free!

Just search for ‘classics’ or ‘free books’ in your kindle store and you’ll have plenty to choose from.

 Check the sale section

Amazon offers monthly deals where they sell a selection of books for $3.99 or less.

It’s a great place to look for new books without having to spend an arm and a leg. It’s also a great way to experiment with new genres without paying full price for something you might not enjoy.

Try Kindle Unlimited

Amazon just released their book subscription service that gives readers access to over 600,000 e-books for $9.99/month or $14.95/month with access to Audible audiobooks.

This service isn’t ideal for everyone, but if you read at least a few books every month, you will be saving money.

 Use your library card

A little known fact about the Kindle is that you can use your local library card to check out books!

This service is compatible with all Kindle devices and over 11,000 libraries.

If you’re someone who likes to read your favorite books multiple times, don’t worry, this service saves all of your annotations and bookmarks for the next time you want to check the book out. Instructions can be found at:

The Kindle gives you access to thousands of books, but doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars.

Have any other ways to save money on e-books?

Share them in the comments section below!