How To Get Organized & Ready For School!

The fall semester is approaching and for those of us who like to stay overly organized, if such a title is possible, I have found many new things to help.

I have found customizable binder/folder covers on ranging from $3 to $10 to be sent or printed out. Some of these are cute in chevron stripes and floral prints, however if you are creative and on a budget, I say “Make it at home.”

While scrolling through Pinterest, I found weekly budget printout sheets which are really helpful. They have places to keep record of your savings, checking, and savings goals.

My personal favorite organizational piece that I began purchasing last year is a To Do Now/To Do Later list. It has two columns, one for now, one for later. I think it is great to keep track of the things that are mandatory to get done today and those things that can wait for tomorrow, if necessary.

I found a free print out that acts as a college class organizer, so you can keep your class information, assignments, syllabus, and more right in one spot.

I love these organizational pieces I have found so far.

What are some tools you use to earn the title “overly organized”?

Let us know!