Money is stressful and it is even more so if you’re bouncing from paycheck to paycheck.

Before going to the payday loan or your parents, there are a few things you can do to bring your financial house in order.

1) Watch the small purchases. Whether it is a coffee today or that extra glass of wine after a long, those small purchases add up.

I like my coffee as much as anyone, but home brew tastes just the same as the coffee from the café and costs a fraction.

2) Cook at least one more time a week. I love Chinese take-out as much as the next person, but making a home cooked meal is not only healthier for you, it will benefit your pocket book in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

A simple cooked meal of a vegetable, a starch, and meat is easily less expensive than any take out meal. Sure you’ll have dishes afterwards but you’ll save a few bucks and know that you made the meal yourself.

3) Cut the cable. This one is hard and painful, but it’s a luxury. You can get most of your television shows online, or you might have to wait a week for them to come off Hulu+, but it will save you $30-50 a month.

All these tips are simple and can be painfully tough. Building the life you really want, with real luxury and a comfortable retirement requires just a little sacrifice today for bigger dreams tomorrow.