Saving money at Walmart is about to get even easier!

Earlier this year, Walmart tested something called their “Savings Catcher” in test markets which included Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Huntsville, Lexington, Minneapolis, and San Diego, to fantastic results.

So fantastic that they are going to roll out this program on a nation-wide basis later this year.

RetailWire reported on this test back in March and the way it works is quite simple. First you have to create an account with Savings Catcher, and then every time you purchase an item from Walmart, you connect that receipt to your account and the system compares the prices you paid with the prices of other retailers in your area.

If their competitor’s prices are better, you, the consumer, get the difference added to a digital gift card.

For instance, if the deodorant you bought at Walmart was $4.99 and a competitor, say Target, had the same exact product on sale for $3.99, you would get $1.00 added to your account.

As reported by the Associated Press, Cameron Smith said, “This is what Wal-Mart should be doing — throwing down the gauntlet once and for all that they will not be beat on price.”

This is just another step in Walmart’s efforts to streamline shopping and be the first choice of consumers everywhere. With this new app, who cares if Walmart is actually more expensive, considering you get the difference back.

Along with this launch, Walmart is said to be developing their own mobile app as well.