Spoilers to follow…

When we last left Berk in How to Train Your Dragon, they were still getting used to the prospect of dragon riding, but now, they are experts at the task.

Now, in How to Train Your Dragon 2, the armory has been converted into  a saddle shop and dragon dentist office, led by the loveable brutes Stoic and Gobber. The arena is now an academy for training new dragons.

Though the storyline is expanded on through the movie’s ninety minutes of content, it doesn’t really seem to go anywhere. This movie only seems to tie the events of the first movie into the possible third and came off as a bit of a letdown.

Granted, they answered the mystery of Hiccup’s mom and his ideology toward dragons, also it showed the true potential of the fearsome Nightfury, but all-in-all it just seemed like a bridge to a much larger, much more epic, story.

Take for instance the large map that Hiccup has been working on. He found all these new lands, but How to Train Your Dragon 2 never answered who was living on these lands and if the inhabitants were hostile or not.

The same can be said for the mother. When she is introduced, it is implied that she had been exploring too. How had she never been back to Berk, not even to check that it was still there? With the amount of dragon collecting and saving she was doing, wouldn’t it have at least crossed her mind?

For as many questions that the movie answered, it opened new ones as well. Like what will Hiccup do now that he is chief? Does he still not want the position? He and Astrid seem to be an official item, but is she actually going to stay with him or change her mind? Since when did Fishlegs and Snotlout like Ruffnut? And will Tuffnut ever find love? All the characters seem to be getting more developed, but as these changes arise, it seems to be getting more confusing.

I sincerely hope the show picks up some of the slack. If not I think many fans will be disappointed.

Let me know what you thought about How to Train Your Dragon 2 and whether or not you’d be willing to see the third.