HP Announces More HP TouchPads On The Way!

HP will be manufacturing another round of TouchPads to meet demand during the fourth fiscal quarter, which ends October 31st. They will not be continuing production beyond the end of the fourth quarter. HP will continue with its plans to discontinue development of WebOS devices, winding down device operations by October 31st. The units should be available for purchase in a few weeks – no definite date was given for the ordering or availability of the new units.

HP confirmed that they have completely sold out of their existing HP TouchPad inventory, so all the remaining units are already in the hands of retailers.

The quantities available to order in this future batch of HP TouchPads will be limited so more people will have a chance to get one; this is in response to individuals bulk ordering the units to resell at a higher price, leaving many unable to get even a single unit at the discounted price. There is no current word on what the pricing will be for the newly manufactured units, although some customers who have confirmation or notification emails already in the queue at HP have been informed they will receive a one-time exclusive offer. HP has also committed to letting everyone know simultaneously, so there is a fair chance for everyone to purchase the units.

HP also stated that they have no control over retailer pricing, so when the units do come out, it will be up to the individual retailer to set their own pricing.