hpHP claims to have the solution to cure all of your printer ink cartridge woes with their new program called HP Instant Ink.

No longer will your printer run out of ink and then sit around in the corner collecting dust until you, on the off chance, remember to buy a new cartridge.

When you buy an eligible HP printer and sign up for one of their plans, HP will deliver a new cartridge to you monthly.

They offer three plans based on how much you print.

Their plans start at $2.99 for a person who prints around 50 pages a month and go up to $9.99 for 300 pages a month.

And if you misjudge how much ink you will need for any given month, your printer will order another ink cartridge when yours starts to run low.

If you print less than normal in any given month, some of your pages can roll over to the next month, like minutes on a cell phone plan.

On the lowest plan, up to 50 pages can roll over. Up to 300 can roll over on the highest plan.

HP will never charge for the amount of ink you use, but simply the amount of pages you print.

Do you think that HP Instant Ink is worth the cost?

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