HP TouchPad Accessories – What’s Available & Where

With the run on HP TouchPads over the past few days, it was bound to happen. HP TouchPad accessories would be the next big target for all the new, bargain-hungry, HP TouchPad owners. But in our investigation, we found that most items could still be found.

Best Buy was a major player over the weekend, simply because they had such a huge stock of the HP touchpads. Checking their website for accessories, we find a ZAGG – InvisibleSHIELD screen protector. However, it is backordered. That’s it when it comes to HP touchpad accessories listed on their site.

We jump over to HP.com now. As of Sunday evening, we find that the Microfibre Cleaning Cloth is out of stock. As is the Targus Stylus. They do still have a variety of carrying cases, earphones from Bose and Logitech, and a Logitech wireless speaker system.

The HP Touchstone charging dock is listed as being in stock at HP.com.The HP TouchPad wireless keyboard is also in stock.

Quite a few accessories are listed as available at Amazon.com. Screen protectors, styluses, cases, the Touchstone charging dock, and the wireless keyboard for the HP TouchPad, all appear to be available.

We should also note that Amazon has marketplace sellers that are selling the HP TouchPad and have them in stock, but not at the $99 and $149 prices. They list the cost, as of Sunday evening, as starting at $298.

Newegg.com has a case, the wireless keyboard, and a plug in charger, but does not appear to have the Touchstone Charging Dock.

Walmart.com has the Touchstone Charging Dock as well, but lists it as ‘limited stock’. They also have an HP Touchpad case, the charger, and the wireless keyboard available.

It’s interesting to note that some of the cases designed for the HP TouchPad cost almost as much as the tablet at it’s firesale pricing.

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