HP TouchPads Available – Questions Remain

Hewlett-Packard’s tablet, the HP TouchPad, continues to make big waves in the tablet market, though not the way HP originally thought.

The TouchPad is, of course, the tablet that HP launched with high expectations and a high price. Just six weeks after its launch, with sales in the pits, HP put the HP TouchPad on a firesale at $99 for the 16 GB version, and $149 for the 32 GB version. Along with the firesale, HP said they were discontinuing the TouchPad tablet, and getting out of the computer business (they have since then changed their minds and decided to stay in the computer business).

During the firesale, consumers stormed the marketplace, depleting TouchPad inventories within a day.

Not long afterwards, HP announced there would be another manufacturing run and that more TouchPads would be available in limited supply.

Last week, Best Buy announced that they had a supply of 32 GB versions and, starting tomorrow, would be selling them for $149 with the purchase of an HP or Compaq laptop, desktop, or all-in-one computer. The TouchPad is also available at Best Buy, by itself, without an additional purchase, for the full original price of $599.

On Friday of last week, HP announced that some retailers will have limited stock available. They also said that HP’s online inventory was depleted. This announcement was posted both on HP’s blog, and sent by e-mail to those who requested updates on the availability of the TouchPad through HP’s website.

It’s assumed by most that the TouchPads that are becoming available through Best Buy are from this last manufacturing run. However, that has not been clearly stated, and during the chaotic days of the firesale, it was said that many of the TouchPads were pulled from shelves and prepared for shipment back to HP.

We also note that HP said in their announcement that “some retailers will have limited stock available.” The ‘s’ in “retailers” would indicate that perhaps Best Buy is not the only retailer that may now have a supply of TouchPads available. At this time, no other retailers have made announcements as to availability.

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