Till yesterday the non-premier users of Sprint could not buy the attractive HTC EVO 3D or HTC EVO View 4G from Sprint. But this exclusivity is no more. From now on any non-premier Sprint user will be able to buy these shiny 3D devices within a reasonable price under a 2 year contract.

Both these devices feature glass free 3D and in addition to that the users can always turn the 3D off whenever necessary. Even after turning off the 3D what remains is one of the best Android devices around.

HTC EVO 3D features Android’s latest phone OS Gingerbread which is also accompanied by the latest version of HTC Sense UI. Till now no other modifications of Android, like Samsung’s TouchWiz or Motorola’s Blur, received such a positive response from the customers. The new version of Sense UI is more user friendly and more feature rich. It is available for $200 under a 2 year contract.

On the other hand HTC EVO View 4G has another unique feature. It features a digital pen called HTC Scribe which can be used in various ways and this is given for free for a limited time with the purchase of HTC EVO View 4G. It runs on Gingerbread too but HTC assured that Honeycomb update for HTC EVO View 4G is on the way. This device will cost $400 with a two year contract.

As both EVO 3D and EVO View 4G are available for non-premier Sprint users from now on a huge raise is expected in the US sales of this Taiwanese company.