HTC EVO 3D Price War – Whose Got The Best Deal Now?

The much anticipated HTC EVO 3D launched today and a price war broke out immediately.

Sprint has held their price steady, as expected. The smartphone is priced at $199 with a new two year Sprint contract. They advertise it at $549 off contract.

Best Buy has also kept their pre-order price intact. Through them, the HTC EVO 3D is also $199 with a new two year Sprint contract. Off contract, they have it available for $699.99.

As we reported here, while everyone else was asking $199 for the EVO 3D, online cell phone distributor Wirefly had the lowest pre-order price on the phone, coming in at $179. The other major online distributor, LetsTalk, had a pre-order price on the phone of $199.

But LetsTalk changed their pricing this morning. They lowered the price (with a new two year year Sprint contract) to $179. But in addition to that, they are also waiving Sprint’s activation fee, which takes another $36 off the up front cost of getting the phone with an individual plan. If a family plan is purchased, it could mean a discount of as much as $180. The free Sprint activation offer ends 6/30/11.

LetsTalk is also currently offering free overnight shipping on orders placed before 3pm PST.

Though oftentimes when either Wirefly or LetsTalk has a waived activation deal on a carrier, the other has a matching deal. This does not appear to be the case today. Wirefly is charging the Sprint activation, and also does not offer free overnight shipping, just free standard via FedEx.

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