The highly anticipated HTC Sensation, officially set to be released here in the US on June 12th, is reportedly being sold early by WalMart.

The reports began coming in today, from sites and forum commentators, saying their local Walmart’s had begun selling them early, and they’re displaying pictures of their new purchases.

The HTC Sensation is a 4G smartphone designed for use on the T-Mobile network. T-Mobile is advertising the phone as being $199 (with contract purchase) upon it’s launch. Not only did WalMart begin selling it early, but they are also selling it cheaper, at $148 with the purchase of a new 2 year T-Mobile contract.

The HTC Sensation is a dual core Android 2.3 (customized) smartphone. HTC refers to it as a “Multimedia Superphone”. It has a 4.3 inch qHD display (a first in the US), Hi-Fi audio technology, and an instant capture camera. The Sensation features HTC’s user-interface customizations, HTC Sense, 3.0, and is also the first phone to include HTC’s Watch movie streaming service.