Hunger Games, Avengers, & More Now On Amazon Instant Vid

Hunger Games, Avengers, & More Now On Amazon Instant Vid

Amazon and Epix just announced that they agreed to a deal that will add around 3,000 movies to the video streaming library available on Amazon.

Thanks to this agreement, movies like The Avengers and The Hunger Games and now available through Amazon’s Instant Video program.

There are now approximately 25,000 movies available through Amazon Prime Instant Video. It is expected that the new Kindle Fire tablet will be released on Thursday, so the recent deal will offer even more content that can be played on the new tablets.

Colin Sebastian, R.W. Baird analyst, declared:

“Content is king – and Fire’s killer app. We expect new devices to provide further integration with Amazon’s digital content platform and cloud infrastructure, with movies, books and music.”

Epix is an important payment based TV movie channel that currently has 15,000 titles that are owned jointly by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, Lions Gate Entertainment Corp and Viacom Inc Paramont Pictures. The network appeared on the market in October 2009 and is available through Dish, Verizon FIOS and Cox Cable.

The official terms of the agreement between Epix and Amazon were not disclosed. However, music and video vice president at Amazon, Bill Carr, declared that Amazon is:

“…investing hundreds of millions of dollars to expand the Prime Instant Video library.”

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