Hunting For Online Coupons? New Chrome Plugin Automates Search

Hunting For Online Coupons? New Chrome Plugin Automates Search

As the 2012 holiday shopping season enters the final stretch, many shoppers are looking for ways to find the best deals and to make their spending dollars go just a little further.

There is a new Google Chrome plugin designed to help shoppers find discount coupon and promo codes for online stores such as, Banana Republic, Best Buy, Home Depot, and GAP (the list goes on).

The plugin is called Honey, and it features a client-side extension to the Google Chrome web browser to simplify the search for coupons.

In a video, the Honey extension is shown saving an shopper just about 20% with the click of a button while shopping. The plugin works by adding coupon codes to your shopping cart that Honey has saved in the database and it saves you the steps of hunting these down.

In testing out Honey ourselves, we found the plugin to be a good idea, but with room for improvement.

It’s easy enough to install, but we did find ourselves wishing that the coupon search would be accessible earlier in the process. As it currently works, a shopper must enter products into the cart and make their way through most of the check out process, including entering payment information, before they are able to check for coupons. It would be much more efficient if one could look up coupons from the product page.

With the 30 or so products we tested at and, the plugin did not find any coupons.

We will continue to test it here, but while we do, let us know what you think and if the plugin works for you.  Has it saved you money? Leave your comments below!

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