On Thursday, January 5, 2010,  a Turkish airliner with 59 passengers on board that had departed from Oslo, Norway was on its way to Istanbul. The airliner from Norway was interrupted by an attempted  hi-jacking by a man named Yasar Cuma, 40. Cuma put on a ski mask and told passengers, “I have a bomb”. Then the Anatolia news agency reports he instructed them all to get down on the floor.

Occurring about fifty minutes before the plane, a Boeing 737-800, was to land in Istabul, Turkey, the suspect then tried to break into the cockpit. Tackled  and held down by someone only identified by authorities as a “Norwegian”, the man was subdued until the plane safely landed at its destination in Istanbul, Turkey. The police in Istanbul were notified by the pilots of the attempted hi-jacking, and they were there to take him away when it landed.

The hi-jack attempt was reportedly because he wanted the plane to return to Norway, according to the Dogan news agency.  The news agency further said the reason for the hi-jacking was the man was seeking political asylum. Whether that was true or not has not been ascertained. Cuma was taken away and will be held until his trial is scheduled. He was carrying a card that indicated he was mentally unstable reported the Anatolia news agency.

After the passengers were safely removed from the plane, a security check was conducted, but there wasn’t a bomb found on the plane.