Yesterday, Steve Jobs made an appearance before the Cupertino City Council to announce plans for the electronics and technology giant’s new campus.  Apple, a mainstay of Cupertino and arguable one of the only reasons people globally recognize the name “Cupertino,” will be breaking ground next year.

The new campus, according to Jobs, is designed to alleviate the heavy burden of multiple, scattered buildings that currently exists for the company.  The current fractured Apple campus is inefficient, according to Jobs, and a new, state-of-the-art centralized campus will enhance productivity and make for a better work-life balance for the growing company.

The new campus will be situated on the old Hewlett-Packard campus and, as a centerpiece, will feature a large, round building that can only be described as looking UFO-like.  The iSaucer will not contain one piece of straight glass, according to the excited Jobs.  Additionally, the new campus will alter the terrain of the area in favor of greenery.  Currently, the property is approximately 80% buildings and parking and when Apple is done, the property will be approximately 80% green, with the majority of parking underground making room for trees, grass, and native plants.

This green strategy could be an effort to offset some of the bad press Apple has received in recent years due to its manufacturing center in China.