iMessage Can Now Be Turned Off Without The iPhone

Apple’s iOS platform has many great features, one of which is iMessage.

For those who don’t know, iMessage allows two iPhone users to send messages using a data plan, which is good for people who do not have unlimited texting.

The problem with iMessage happens when someone switches from an iPhone to another platform like Android or Windows Phone. 

Before you activate the new phone, iMessage has to be turned off on the iPhone while the SIM card is still in it. 

If not, texts from other iPhone users will not be delivered to the new phone. 

This is frustrating for some people, especially those who have already sold their iPhone or activated a new SIM card that will not fit in their old iPhone. 

Now Apple is offering a solution to the issue: a webpage to deregister iMessage. 

If you still have your iPhone and SIM, the page tells you how to turn off iMessage.  But if you do not have the phone or the SIM, you can now turn off iMessage by receiving a text and entering in a confirmation code.  

So if you’re thinking about leaving your iPhone behind for an Android, Windows Phone, or even Blackberry, make sure you check out Apple’s page to make sure you receive all your messages. 

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