MacBook Pro Laptops have been upgraded.

Apple MacBook’s are not only being assembled with quicker processors and built-in high resolution cameras but are implementing a new data transfer technology. This new data transfer technology is similar to a USB connector but transfers data between devices at a rate of 10 gigabytes a second which is significantly faster than the USB2.0. Thunderbolt data transfer will allow users to download movies, mp3 files, and software applications quicker than ever before.

The built-in camera also comes along with some interesting upgrades. FaceTimeHD allows users to connect to their cameras from any location with a Wi-Fi connection. Some of the newer features include widescreen video chat and are compatible with other Apple products such as the iPod Touch and iPhone4 for video and photo sharing.

According to the American Consumer News, “Laptops currently account for about 14% of the Apple market so upgrades are essential to keep customers coming back for more.”

All versions of the new Apple MacBook are available in stores now and their current retail prices starting at:

13-inch Laptops are $1,199.00

15-inch Laptops are $1,799.00

17-inch Laptops are $2,499.00