Indiegogo Ubuntu Edge: Just 40 Hours Left For Early Pre-Ordering

Indiegogo Ubuntu Edge: Just 40 Hours Left For Early Pre-Ordering

The Ubuntu Edge has been making big headlines in technology news.

The reason?

Its attracted over 24,000 funders to it’s Indiegogo campaign online, making it officially the largest and most successful crowd funding project to date.

What can we expect?

The Edge is suppose to bring users the look and feel of a mobile smartphone, but possess the capacity to operate at the same speed and ability as a desktop computer. There’s a feature which allows users to control the phone in either an operating system (computer) or a mobile operating system (android, iOS, etc) mode.

The Edge will come equipped with a 4.5 inch display and a robust all-metal skeleton build that will ensure durability.

The main attraction however, seems to be that the phone is the complete package for any nerd in the market looking for an overpowered, out of this world, smartphone.

Some are calling it the “phone of the century” and there’s compelling evidence to support those claims.

First, the phone is going to have a 128 GB hard drive built-in. That means, you won’t need to buy any additional storage devices with the stock factory make.

There isn’t a phone on the market right now that possesses that amount of storage – even with memory cards attached.

Supporters of the campaign are guaranteed an Ubuntu Edge of their own for a $695 pledge on the Ubuntu Edge campaign page, basically making it a pre-order type deal. Expected shipping date is May, 2014.

There are currently 4482 contributors at this level.

The campaign ends August 21, 2013 (11:59pm PT). The funding goal is $32,000,000 and they still have a long way to go at this point.

If the campaign doesn’t gain the full goal amount, refunds will be issued and the phone will not be manufactured.

What do you think of the Ubuntu Edge?

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