The Indy 500 came to an exciting conclusion today – with race leader J.R. Hildebrand crashing as he came around the fourth turn heading for the finish line. After the crash he skid over the line – but not before Dan Wheldon got past him and won the Indianapolis 500 (after an official review).

This is the second time Wheldon has one the 500, and his first IndyCar win of this season. His previous 500 win was in 2005.

After Hildebrand hit the wall in the fourth turn of the final lap, he skidded through the checkered flag, coming in second place. Graham Rahal, came in third third. Rahal is the son of Indy great Bobby Rahal.

Wheldon celebrated in Victory Lane, taking a big gulp of milk, as tradition calls for. But it took a while for the race results to be made official. When Hildebrand crashed, a caution came out before the cars crossed the finish line. By rule, this freezes the field in it’s current places. If Wheldon had not passed Hildebrand before the  track and in-cockpit lights turned yellow, Hildebrand would be pronounced the winner of the Indy 500.

After a video review by race officials, it was determined that Wheldon passed Hildebrand a split second before the lights turned yellow.

Hildebrand’s team said they do not plan to protest the official results.