One day, Hannah Hart decided to start a fake cooking show on YouTube. In the process, she started drinking, and the web series “My Drunk Kitchen” was born!

Now she has written a cookbook, titled My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going with Your Gut out now, which demonstrates Hart’s humor as much as her cooking advice. It contains cooking tips (for example, turn off the oven at night) and new recipes that have not been seen on her videos.

Of course, there are also drinking recommendations to go along with them, as well as advice about life.

Fans of the web series will probably recognize Hart’s sense of humor as she gives tips on how to show up that one person at a dinner party who has to make something from scratch, or how to cope with the family during the holidays.

My Drunk Kitchen will probably not be your greatest cookbook, but it will definitely be filled with humor and thoughts about life and cooking.

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