Interstellar, What’s All The Fuss About?

Last night I decided to go to the movies and watch the much anticipated Sci-Fi flick, Interstellar.

Let me start off by saying this movie is rather long, nearly 3 hours, so do not make the mistake of having a few beverages before hand, as I did.

The movie stars Matthew McConaunghey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, and a few other surprise celebrities in secondary roles.


Matthew plays a former NASA pilot who now farms. The reason for this new career path is vague.

Eventually, you are told that the earth is dying.

People are dying from dust inhalation and starvation, but still no explanation as to the root cause of the dust.

Because food has become so scarce the government has ended funding for things like the military and space exploration and has focussed its resources on agriculture.

For an undisclosed reason the only crop that is able to survive is corn.

So, Matthew and his family grow corn and live in a world that is plagued by massive dust/dirt storms that cover everything like snow.

Also, the daughter believes the house is haunted, due to some strange occurrences, like books falling of the shelves in less than random patterns.

The daughter deciphers these patterns and believes them to be messages sent via Morse code. Of course the family thinks she’s odd and blames gravity fluctuations for these events.

Some more long and slow scenes pass, and the daughter convinces Matthew, that the message is a set of coordinates.

They set off and discover a military base that is housing the remnants of NASA.

Finally NASA! This must mean space is soon to be explored.

Well, no, not quite yet. Now comes the emotional turmoil of the family dealing with the upcoming separation with the father, Matthew.

From this point the movie gets interesting, even more so if you have at least a rudimentary understating of astrophysics, wormholes, black-holes and their effects on time and space.

The story deals with some fantastic theories about wormholes and the nature of time in relation to vast distances and immense gravitational forces.

As this is the interesting part of the story I will not give much more than a brief glimpse.

The NASA crew hopes that by travelling through the wormhole they will be able to find an inhabitable planet to which humanity can escape extinction.

They investigate twelve new worlds and choose to land on two, due to limited resources, and time.

The plot takes a few unexpected twists, and more emotional turbulence.

That is all I want to say about the story.

I will say that the chatter about Oscar gold and such is utter nonsense.

I literally fell asleep during one of the first 1 1/2 hours endless scenes of pointlessness.

I am a sci-fi fan, and therefore have certain expectations for movies dealing with space travel.

Interstellar, failed to live up to those expectations.

I would watch it at home but cannot in good conscience suggest that anyone spends their hard earned money on a theatre ticket for this one.

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