Into Darkness: First Full Length Trailer for Doctor Who Season 8 Released

Giving fans a better look at what’s to come on the next season of Doctor Who, the BBC released its first full length (if you could even call it that) trailer for the sci-fi show.

Other than giving fans a wonderful look at our new Doctor Peter Capaldi, there really isn’t much new in this trailer that hasn’t already been hinted at in previous teasers and photos released from the set.

Okay, that’s not entirely true, there was a dinosaur in London.

You can view the trailer below and see that it confirms the darker tone of the next series, with the Doctor feeling as though he has a lot to make up for in his 2,000 years.

It seems as though he will rely heavily on his companion to guide him through the rough transition of the new regeneration cycle. We aren’t even certain how many of his memories he has from his past regenerations right off the bat.

I, for one, am just happy to see Capaldi fully dressed, and not concealed in anyway as the Doctor. He’s already my favorite Doctor.

Are you excited? Give us your thoughts after you view the trailer.

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