Invisible GirlfriendAre you a single guy who works a lot and doesn’t have a lot of time for dating?

Now, there’s an app for that.

Invisible Girlfriend claims to give guys the ability to start living life on “their own terms” again by pacifying those nagging family members who always want to know who they’re dating.

Invisible Girlfriend will create an imaginary partner for them to interact with.

The app offers three different levels of relationships: just talking, getting serious, and almost engaged.

“Just talking” is ad-supported and offers interactive texts, automated phone calls, an emergency interaction button, and, possibly, small gifts.

“Getting serious” gives a few more benefits like a Facebook relationship status, real voicemails, and random gifts and notes with possible premium gifts.

“Almost engaged” offers the most interaction with custom girlfriend characterization, create you own story, and live phone calls. Plus, this option is ad-free.

Although Invisible Girlfriend hasn’t released prices yet, one could safely assume that the more serious relationships will cost more.

Matthew Homann, a representative for the company, said that they were trying to make the app available by Valentine’s Day, but that it would “likely only be in private ‘beta’ until March.”

So, guys, you probably won’t be able to utilize this product on the biggest holiday for lovers, but it should be available soon after.

The ladies won’t be left out for long, either. According to their Twitter page, they plan to start working on Invisible Boyfriend after they finish up Invisible Girlfriend.

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