According to Fortune, a “major Apple investor” has heard from “multiple sources” that an invite may be coming out on October 10.

“What our source adds is the specificity of a date: The press, he says, can expect invitations to go out on Oct. 10,” is what the report states about the invite date for iPad Mini event.

The report further states that the invite will probably for an October 17 reveal event. It also speculates that, following the trend of Apple reveals, the iPad Mini will be released on November 2.

This will be the next big reveal for Apple after the super successful iPhone 5, which released last month.

Rumors have been circulating for months that suggest Apple is preparing to launch the new, smaller and cheaper version of the iPad. It’s most often referred to as the iPad Mini or, more recently, the iPad Air.

Of all the features that are being contemplated for the iPad Mini, the expected 7.5 inch screen from AU Optronics and LG  is the most talked about.

Along with the specs, the pricing of the iPad Mini will be a main focus for fans and critics alike.

The iPad Mini is expected to be competitive with Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7. These tablets are in the $200 price bracket. Will Apple try to match the price, or come out with a high end tablet at a high end price? We’ll have to wait until the reveal to answer that one.

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