iPad Mini News: Pictures, Pricing, Release Date, Rumors Leak Out

iPad Mini News: Pictures, Pricing, Release Date, Rumors Leak Out

The new iPad Mini?

Supposed photos of the new Ipad Mini have surfaced on the Chinese technology blog, BoLoPad.

The Blog shows a significantly smaller iPad and states:

“Apple may launch a 7.85 inch screen tablet computer. The tablet will be LG’s screen, but not new iPad retina screen.”

Bloomberg News has also reported that the new iPad Mini will not have a high-resolution screen. BoLoPad suggests that “the price of this iPad mini will be between $249-$299 US .”

Meanwhile, International Digital Times is reporting that the blog, GizChina ” published a video that features a new black market version of the iPad Mini.” Andi Sykes. of GizChina. said that he found a “dummy ” copy of the iPad Mini on China’s equivalent of eBay for $13 US. He has an array of photos of the dummy. Sykes states that this device offers a thinner bezel, rear camera, a thick 4th generation body, speaker holes similar to those of the iPhone 5 and two buttons for volume rather than a rocker.

The buzz about the iPad Mini is causing a great deal of chatter on the Internet. In August, many news outlets projected a dual release of the iPod 5 and the smaller iPad. The iPod 5 was revealed September 12, 2012. iPhone 5 ordering began on September 21, 2012 . In an August 27 International Business Times piece, Dave Smith projected an October 5th iPad Mini release. He wrote, “October 5 will be the one year anniversary of Steve Job’s tragic death. This day in October will always carry significance to the Apple family, and it would be fitting to release Apple’s most accessible tablet yet unto the masses on that very day.”

The competition among tablets is fierce.

Once launched, the new iPad Mini will go up against the popular Google Nexus 7 and the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Both the Nexus and the Kindle Fire HD start at $199 – so if the iPad Mini pricing rumors are true, Apple’s Mini will be the highest priced of the three. But it carries the Apple name, and will feature iOS 6. At just $50 more than the others, there’s a good chance it will rule the day.

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