iPads Retain Higher Value Than Kindles… But There’s More To The Story

Used Apple iPads retain about 50% of their value when they are 1 year old or older, but used Kindles are only worth about 25% to 33% of their original value at that age.

That’s the gist of a recent article on CNN, who had two researchers compile resell data for their story. According to CNN, the price of Kindle devices drops even more after the first year. They point out that a two and a half-year-old Kindle Keyboard is only worth about $16, according to one of the researchers. It originally sold $139. The article on CNN also points out that analysts feel that Kindles are the “greatest threat to Apple’s dominance in tablets.”

However, in looking at Kindles (in general) versus Apple iPads (in particular), CNN is comparing apples to oranges. ‘Analysts’ are not saying that Kindles (in general) are a threat to Apple iPads. Many do say that the Kindle Fire tablet, specifically, may take market share away from the Apple iPad.

And when CNN compares Kindles (in general) to the the Apple iPad’s resell value, they didn’t even consider the resell value of the Kindle Fire. They only compared the resell value of Kindle e-readers to the Apple iPad tablet. Those two products aren’t even same categories. Why wasn’t the Kindle Fire included? Because it was released just four months ago, and the researchers only looked at devices that were a year old or older.

It seems rather logical that high-end tablet will retain more resell value than an inexpensive e-reader, and that’s what CNN’s report boils down to.

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