iPhone #1 In Satisfaction Survey

iPhone #1 In Satisfaction Survey

According to a latest survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates, iPhone ranked higher than all it’s competitors in terms of customer satisfaction.

And that’s even before the new iPhone 5 hits the market.

Based on a 1000 point scale, the iPhone scored a very healthy 849. HTC took second with a score of 790, followed by Samsung with a score of 782 and Motorola with 777. Based on two separate studies, the survey was conducted on the key factors of performance, ease of operation, physical design, and features. Only the order of importance for each factor differed slightly between feature phones and smartphones.

The authors of the study stated in a release that:

“Features have become less of a differentiator in the smartphone selection processes due to an influx of competitive offerings from newer manufacturers. Nearly one-half (47%) of customers this year indicate they chose their smartphone primarily because of particular features, such as a camera, the operating system, or social media integration or gaming capabilities, compared with 57 percent just one year ago.”

The studies were conducted for users who had owned their devices for less than a year and was tageted for both feature phone and smartphone users. The studies were conducted based on experiences reported by 8,736 smartphone owners and 6,272 traditional mobile phone owners. Both studies were fielded between January and June 2012.

Do you agree that the iPhone is the best?  Will you be getting an iPhone 5 as soon as it’s launched?  Let us know in the comments below!

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