iPhone 4S: User Review

iPhone 4S: User Review

The iPhone 4S has been on the market as the last remaining smartphone that Steve Jobs was capable of producing before his untimely death (RIP); meaning that most of the Apple fanatics out there have been drooling over the phone as a type of memorabilia to the founder of Apple.

However, not much has been said about the actual model itself when it comes to the three breakdowns in buying a smartphone; user friendliness, battery life, flexibility.

This article will demonstrate the three different features listed above in the iPhone 4S that you might not be seeing in the newer edition of the Apple Phone series the iPhone 5 which was released a little while ago.

To start, the user friendliness of the Apple Phone has been the cornerstone of the success the company has experienced.

Every iPhone that has been manufactured has a great interface which a baboon could probably figure out how to run if given the time.

Not to hate on us humans in any retrospect but let’s be honest, how many of you have young relatives, like infants, who can run an Apple iPhone with ease, yeah, we all do.

The Apple interface on its products is universal, meaning if you pick up an iPad, chances are, it’s going to look like a cloned, bigger version of the iPhone. The reason for the universal usage is simply because of the welcoming each iPhone has had from consumers over the years. In user friendliness, we gave the iPhone 4S a solid 5/5, this phone is easier to operate and understand than any of the competing phones in the market.

The next step in rating the iPhone 4S is making sure that the battery life or at least the expectancy is on par with the competing phones in the market.

After performing a little competition between the 4S and the 5, it’s safe to say that the 5 demands a little more from its higher-end battery than the 4S does with it’s lesser counterpart.

The reasoning is really cloudy, but it could have something to do with the high output that iPhone 5 has in comparison with the iPhone 4S, which has little to none.

Some users have suggested that after a while of using your iPhone or owning for a longer duration of time can really affect it’s battery life, well, that’s the case with any smartphone on the market.

If you use your phone often and a lot for a long time, the battery just drains its juice, it’s the same for anything, including your expensive cars.

The iPhone 4S has a great built-in battery and can run for up 24-48 hours depending on the amount of usage and streaming produced in that time frame. We gave the battery a 4 out of 5 because it simply doesn’t have the best battery life on the market right now. (We believe the Sony XPERIA does)

Finally, how flexible is the iPhone 4S?

Flexibility is a vague term so to really pinpoint the meaning, the flexibility of a phone is how does it work online and how responsive is it to it’s applications and other tools.

Well, flexibility wise, we all know that the current line of Androids are extremely popular among developers and the nerdy type but when we’re looking at an average Joe who is buying an iPhone to play angry birds or watch Netflix, then we should use this as a basis for the iPhone 4S, since we all know you can’t use a flash website using the phone. The iPhone 4S is relatively similar to the iPhone 5 in flexibility.

Safari for the internet is extremely open to public debate because of how you can do just about anything on the browser except run high-end flash sites.

Other than trying to run flash, the iPhone 4S is literally the same to the iPhone 5.

When speaking pertaining to the responsive feel of the iPhone 4S, there isn’t a phone on the market right now which has a higher response to touch than the iPhone series, you can put money down on the table for the iPhone series in that category. Applications and tools all run extremely well on the iPhone 4S and as expected games are where the money’s at and games are something the phone can operate really, really, well. The iPhone 4S receives an impressive 5/5 on flexibility.

To sum it up, out of a possible 15 stars overall, the older brother to the iPhone 5 receives 14 of those.

The phone is really great and has received attention from all over the world, literally.

It’s been on top of the selling list as well and of course as mentioned in the first paragraph, those who are holding onto Steve Jobs and his products are still choosing this phone over the iPhone 5 series.