iPhone 5 “Do Not Disturb” Bug – Another Sign Of Apple Getting Sloppy?

iPhone 5 “Do Not Disturb” Bug – Another Sign Of Apple Getting Sloppy?

The “Do Not Disturb” bug that has plagued the iPhone since the calendar rolled over to 2013 is only the latest bug to trouble the fairly new iPhone 5.

Is it a sign that Apple is getting a little sloppy with its newer phones and that the tech giant needs to look more at the internal workings of the phone, rather than just trying to make it look pretty?

All of the bugs that have been brought up about the iPhone 5 seem to be small ones, and Apple is brushing them off as such.

The newest report on the “Do Not Disturb” bug is that users were told that the bug would be resolved by next week. The company has instructed users to simply not use the feature on the phone.

Pretty calm and collected given the iOS 6 bugs that were reported late last year. No signs that Apple is going to address the software problems otherwise, or even make statements regarding what could be causing them.

Reports have already come in that the newer version of the iPhone (rumored to be the iPhone 5s), will come in different colors, and offer different screen sizes to users.

Should Apple decide to release another version of the iPhone so soon, perhaps it should take a look at the current software and see what needs to be done there, rather than focusing on bright colors.

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