Iphone 5: Disappointment Or Triumph?

Iphone 5: Disappointment Or Triumph?

The level of intensity that surrounds the release of an Apple product is unmatched by any other company in the world.

Only for Apple would perfectly sane people camp outside in the rain for the release of a product that’s shrouded in secrecy. The release of every Apple product can be counted as a milestone in pop culture and electronic history.

It’s easy to assume that Steve Jobs sat on a number of products before his death, waiting for the right time to release them. You can’t help but wonder how different the promotion and release of the most recent products would be if he were still with us.

The release of the new IPhone was as big as it normally is, but this year things just felt a little different. After selling millions in product, the aftermath of the release seems to have lost some steam.

Is the IPhone 5 a triumph or slight disappointment for the Apple brand?

The biggest shock came when we were finally granted the ability to look at the phone. Most of us were surprised by the fact that it looked exactly the same as the 4.

Let’s be honest, at least 40% of the reason most people want Apple products is because of the sleek design. We were then told that one of the biggest advancements with the new phone was that it was a few inches longer than its previous design, which didn’t have anyone jumping off the ground.  We were then given some of the other specs for the new phone.

Noise Blocking Ear Buds: A fairly impressive advancement, but something other companies have been doing for years now. Nothing about a sound blocking ear bud would be considered ground breaking in 2012

Weight And Height: The phone weighs a few grams less, and is a few inches longer to fit in the human hand more comfortably. The phone being a 27 grams lighter, again is nothing to stop the presses over

A6 Chip : One of the best advancements with the new phone, The A6 chip helps improve the phones speed and performance greatly.

Camera: One of the more famous advancements with the new phone, the new panorama camera.

iOS6: What Apple is calling “The world’s most advanced operating system”.

That’s just to name a few IPhone 5 “advancements”. As always, it’s interesting to see where Apple is going. Let’s just hope that the future “advancements” Apple comes up with are worth more than just a few grams.

Did you expect more from your new iPhone? If you haven’t gotten one yet, will you soon? Let us know in the comment section below!

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