iPhone 5 Rumors: “Death Grip” Killed By Major Redesign?

There have been plenty of iPhone rumors in the last few months.  From drastic redesigns, to new operating systems, to price cuts, people have been coming out of the wood work to claim anything they can.  Reports today are indicating that there may be a huge overhaul in the iPhone 5’s design.

British news site Mobile Fun released a number of pictures of an iPhone 5 case supposedly leaked from a “Chinese case manufacturer.’  So what does the supposed new case say about the phone?

First off it seems that the screen may be bigger.  The case features room for about a 4-inch screen, far bigger than the 3.5-inch iPhone 4.  The phone may also be going back to a design much closer to the look of the original iPhone and the 3G and 3GS.  The back is slightly curved, not boxy like the 4.

The photos also appear to show a hole in the back where the Apple logo currently sits.  This could mean that the antennae, which was such a problem on the iPhone 4, may be moved to the back. A change in the location of the antenna would be Apple’s response to that troublesome ‘death grip’ issue. But the hole in the case could also just be a way for the logo to show through.

However these rumors conflict with earlier reports that Apple would not be making many changes to its fifth generation phone and that the real upgrade would come the following year with the iPhone 6.  Either way, look for more news from Apple as we head into the fall.