Samsung Galaxy S II is already selling like hotcakes in  markets outside the USA. We expect a US release of the Galaxy S II would be very successful. But we are also awaiting the release of the iPhone 5 – and there’s no doubt it will do well on the market.

So let’s match them up – who would come out on top?

To make an iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S II comparison, we are going to have  to rely on some guesses on the iPhone 5. We could go crazy here – but let’s stick to some solid judgements based on common sense.  If we gather all the rumors about iPhone 5 and consider their past hardware updates, we can have a good idea just what the next version of iPhone may be like.

The Galaxy S II is already in front of us, we know that it features a very powerful processor, 1.2 GHz dual core. However, when comparing these two phones, the processor may not be a major factor either way. While the Galaxy S II does has an incredibly fast processor, any processor that Apple puts into an iPhone 5 will surely give it plenty of power as well.

The Galaxy S II has a big bright display. 4.3 inches. We are betting that the iPhone 5 will almost certainly have a smaller display. Because? Because iPhones are designed for every kind of user. So designing a too big iPhone would force many average phone users to switch to alternatives.

The Galaxy S II will be thinner. It’s  just 8.5mm thick. None of the rumored iPhone designs are as thin.

In comparing and deciding between the two phones, it’s likely to come down to two things. The size… and the operating system. Android 2.3 Gingerbread and iOS 5? Which operating system consumers prefer will be a huge, and likely the deciding, factor. Android or Apple?

Neither phone is currently on the US market. But if they come out around the same time, a head to head smartphone battle may give us keen insights into the whole Android vs Apple iOS competition… and the future of smartphones.