iPhone 5 Vs Galaxy S2: Galaxy Beats Apple To The Gate

Some call the upcoming battle between Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S2 the clash of the titans.

Others are calling the iPhone 5 “too late for dinner.”

Samsung just announced that it has received 3 million pre-orders for it’s Galaxy 2 smart-phone. 120,000 Galaxy S2’s were sold in just three days during the smart-phone’s launch in Samsung’s home country, Korea. With 3 million pre-orders (and it hasn’t even been launched in the US, where all four major carriers are expected to carry it) analysts are saying that Samsung’s primary concern may be  just keeping the thing in stock.

Meanwhile, Apple is throwing it’s very delayed white iPhone 4 into the ring. Apple watchers say that Apple would stomp on it’s own white iPhone 4 launch if it launched the iPhone 5 very soon afterward on it’s normal early summer next-gen iPhone release schedule. Who would want a white 4 when the next gen phone was just a few weeks away?

So the Samsung Galaxy 2, expected to be released in the US very soon, will get a big head start. A report from Reuters indicates that several people with ‘direct knowledge’ say the iPhone 5 will not go into production for a September release. If that’s the case, Apple may be planning a for a Christmas launch, or even pushed back into 2012, according to research firm Avian Securities. With that much of a head start, can the iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S2 even be called a battle?

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