iPhone 5S Reveal & Release Dates – Here’s The Latest

iPhone 5S Reveal & Release Dates – Here’s The Latest

The iPhone 5S reveal date will be….. Sept 10th, 2013.

The new phone from Apple will be released about a week later, on Sept 18th.

Those aren’t official yet, of course, Apple is being as tight lipped as usual.

It appears that AllThingsD came up with the latest reveal date. But the suspected reveal and release dates are being backed up and/or echoed now by sites as reputable as the WSJLA TimesCult of Mac, and the IBTimes.

The dates even got a “yep” from Jim Dalrymple, whose famous for his brief, but accurate, utterances over at The Loop.

A Sept 18th iPhone 5S release date makes a lot of since. Apple has a recent history of releasing their new phones in the fall. The iPhone 5 was released on Sept 21, 2012. The iPhone 4S on Oct 14, 2011. Before that, they were released mid-Summer.

What we can expect from the reveal?

One thing that is being mentioned is the possible name of the phone. Must rumors suggest it will be called the iPhone 5S, but some reports indicate otherwise. We don’t expect it to be an iPhone 6 at this time.

Shoppers aren’t so much worried about the name of the phone as they are with how it is going to size up against some of the Android smartphones on the market, like Samsung’s Galaxy series, or even Nokia’s reborn phones.

Apple has always been a leader in smartphones and one can make the assumption that the company won’t fall short of competition coming this fall.

They’ve had some minor run-ins with scandals as of late, one of them being the supposed “EBook Price Fixing” that took place this summer, but don’t look for that to affect the phone business.

Stay tuned, we’ll keep the updates flowing here at CP.

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