iPhone 6: Rumors Suggest A Big Curved Screen, June 2014 Release

iPhone 6: Rumors Suggest A Big Curved Screen, June 2014 Release

Rumors about the iPhone 6 are swirling due to recent patents filed by Apple.

At this point everything is speculation. But there are some facts that can be mentioned.

According to most industry specialists, the iPhone 6 needs to include a slew of upgrades and new features.

Actual technical upgrades to the most recent generation of iPhones was not substantial. If Apple doesn’t make some big changes, fans and shoppers will be disappointed.

Along with the new features, a higher price tag is expected. Such speculation is fueled by the increase announced in the iPad Mini price tag.

The iPhone 6 is rumored to feature a larger screen.

It is also possible it may include a wrap-around design with the screen actually replacing the aluminum sides, together with lateral touchscreen buttons. This raises concerns about the smartphone’s durability and accidental touchscreen button activation.

Apple recently invested in sapphire technology. Many experts speculate that the new iPhone 6 will include such a screen. This would increase durability, but also the cost.

Along with a larger screen, the iPhone 6 is expected to be larger overall. Apple has appeared hesitant to make such a move in the past, but some are now speculating that a new iPhone might feature a  4″ to 6″ display.

Bloomberg reported some time back that the iPhone 6 might include a new curved screen. The advantages of such a screen include more comfort and durability with less glare. This would also increase the screen’s surface area. Both LG and Samsung have such screens. However, Apple might decide that this is not necessary.

One of the patents Apple recently received is related to the use of a light-field microlens array. This would allow users to refocus pictures after taking them. Perhaps this feature will be included in the iPhone 6. If not, we’ll be looking for it in a future version.

The iPhone 6 is expected to be announced around March 2014. The official launch date is expected to be in June. There is still a long time till then and we will gradually learn about everything that the iPhone 6 will offer.

Tell us what you expect from Apple’s new iPhone.

Will it be great or not?

Can Apple afford to not launch a new smartphone with many upgrades?

Leave your comments below!

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