Millions of Americans were ringing in the new year as midnight approached last Friday. Unfortunately, many iPhones didn’t manage to do the same. Worldwide, Iphone alarms have been failing to activate for three straight days now, and it’s really wreaking havoc on the lives of those that depend on the smartphones.

Apple told the press that while the alarms might not work over the weekend, the problem would surely be fixed by the start of the workweek. As Monday rolled around, however, it became apparent that this wasn’t going to be the case. Many people were late for work as a result of this failure.

Jeanna Lawrence, an ad exec in Houston woke nearly two hours later than normal, causing her to miss her morning workout and nearly miss breakfast.

“Apple is usually reliable when they make public statements about bug fixes, so I’m surprised that it did not work today,” Lawrence said. “My schedule is like clockwork and when the alarm clock does not work, my schedule does not work.”

This is the second time the iPhone’s alarm clock app has malfunctioned. The first problem was fixed by a software patch, but Apple is yet to announce the solution for this second alarming glitch.