A man attempted to rob a restaurant in Connecticut on Wednesday with an iPhone but was quickly frightened away when a chef or cook grabbed a nearby-knife.  Then other employees grabbed knives to defend themselves and the would-be-robber apparently thought his iPhone was no match for real steel.

Jerome Taylor, age 20, is accused of entering a Northern Indian restaurant Wednesday afternoon and pulling an object out of his pocket that was initially interpreted by employees as a gun.  Taylor then demanded money but very quickly one of the cooks grabbed a knife and told Taylor they would give him no money.

The robber then quickly apologized and told the knife-brandishing employees that he was only kidding, but that he really needed some money to take care of a child.  Taylor fled and was gone when police arrived.  However, they caught him shortly after and he confessed to the crime.  The restaurant employees took pity on Taylor did not want to press charges.  Police are investigating the claim about needing money for a child, but it looks like charges will not be persued.