On a flight headed towards Boise, ID from Las Vegas last night, a man was arrested for punching a 15 year old boy who refused to shut off his iPhone as the plane landed.

Russell Miller, a 68 year old Idaho resident, allegedly delivered a blow to the teenager’s arm when the kid ignored the pilot’s announcement to turn off all electronic devices. The blow was hard enough to cause a bruise, and Miller was taken into custody for misdemeanor battery when the plane landed.

Miller went on record as saying “I didn’t know this guy was a kid. I tapped him on his shoulder. He had been told (to turn off his cell phone). I guess he thought he could get away with something.”

Allegedly, Miller attemted to reason with the teenager before the incident, but the teen refused to listen.

He continued to tell reporters that “I just wanted him to abide by the rules.”

The blow to the teen was described as “a solid thump on the arm.”