Some surprising results were found in a recent survey of Verizon and AT&T store sales.

250 of the carriers cell phone stores were surveyed over the last three weeks by BTIG Research, according to 51% of the Verizon stores surveyed reported that their top selling phone was the iPhone. 38% reported that the iPhone and an Android phone were tied for first place. They said the other Android cell phone was typically the HTC Thunderbolt or Samsung Droid Charge. 65% of AT&T stores reported the iPhone as their top selling cell phone. 31% said their top selling phone was an Android.

Overall, the iPhone was reported as the top selling phone in 58% of the surveyed stores. 20% reported ties between the iPhone and an Android phone. According to the report, BlackBerry’s were rarely mentioned by the stores, nor were Windows phones.

So the iPhone comes out ahead of the Android phone when it comes to top sellers at AT&T and Verizon stores. But what about overall?

International Business Times, at, reported yesterday that during the first quarter of 2011, Android’s market share fell from 52.4% to 49.5%. Their analyst attribute this to the iPhone coming out on the Verizon network during that time. They also expect Android to continue losing market share, especially with the upcoming release of the iPhone 5 on AT&T, Verizon, and perhaps other carriers. However, they conclude their report by saying that “Although the market share of Android phones may fluctuate for a while, Apple is unlikely to grab market share from Android if it continues to launch a single phone model a year.”