iPhone XS Max Not Charging? Try This Fix!

iPhone XS Max Not Charging? Try This Fix!

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are just over a week old now. But over the past couple of days, users have been reporting charging issues with their brand new devices.

Fortunately, there is a potential fix that is helping many sufferers of the iPhone XS charging issue, at least until Apple addresses the problem in a press statement or software patch.

So, What’s The Problem?

Here’s what some users are facing: when the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max is locked with the screen off, and then plugged into charge via a USB lightning cable, nothing happens.

Normally, when an iPhone is plugged in, the screen turns on and a large battery icon appears to indicate that the phone is charging.

For some new iPhones, the screen fails to turn on, and the phone does not begin charging until the user manually turns on the display or unlocks the phone.

As of now, Apple has not made an official statement in response to this issue, and it is unclear whether this is a hardware problem, or whether it is a software problem that can be addressed in a future firmware update.

The iPhone XS charging issue seems to mainly affect the iPhone XS Max. However, the YouTube channel ‘Unbox Therapy’ has shown in a recent video that the problem may also extend to the standard iPhone XS.

Users have reported trying off-brand lightning cables, but the problem appears to be something to do with the phone itself.

It should be noted that this issue does not arise when the iPhone is being charged using a wireless charger. For this reason, it is possible that many iPhone XS users are not even aware that their devices are impacted.

How To Fix the iPhone XS Charging Problem

Apple’s lightning cable, which is used to charge the iPhone XS and XS Max, is essentially a proprietary USB cable. 

iOS 12, the mobile software that comes standard in this year’s iPhones, has a new future buried in its settings that will deny USB devices access to the iPhone while the phone is locked.

If you are experiencing charging issues with your iPhone XS, it is possible that this setting has been activated in your phone as a security measure to ensure that unauthorized users cannot access information on your iPhone.

Here’s How To Turn The Setting Off

1. Simply open the Settings app on your iPhone. 

2. Scroll down to or search for Face ID & Passcode. 

3. Scroll down to “Allow Access When Locked” and make sure that “USB Accessories” is enabled.

If the problem isn’t solved immediately, try restarting your device.

iPhone Still Not Charging?

If after restarting your phone your device still will not charge properly, then unfortunately it may be necessary to wait until Apple makes an official comment or distributes a bug fix in a future software update. 

But there may be some things you can try in the meantime.

If you have attempted the solution outlined above and you are still facing charging issues, try flipping the lightning connector over and reinserting it into the iPhone. Some users have reported that one side inexplicably works better than the other.

Most devices also seem to be charging just fine as long as the lightning cable is first plugged in while the device is unlocked.

And finally, as mentioned above, you may consider investing in a wireless charger, as the new iPhones seem to function just fine when charged in this way.

Keep in mind as well that all new iPhones come with AppleCare for the first 90 days after purchase. While standard AppleCare does not cover against accidental breaks, loss or theft, it does cover against factory defects.

Hopefully it is just a matter of time before Apple provides a statement or a permanent solution. But as of now, the company is remaining quiet on the issue.

What about you? Have you been having charging issues with your new iPhone? Were you able to find a solution? Let us know in the comments below!

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