Nuclear talks began on Friday as Iran was confronted by six world powers whose interest is for Iran to scale back its nuclear program. A day before the talks began, The Guardian announced that its widely believed that Iran can now produce highly enriched uranium, which is a huge step in the ability to build nuclear weapons.

A US representative has said that “Iran had now demonstrated centrifuge operations such that it had the technical ability to produce highly enriched uranium (HEU) if it so chose”.

The talks are taking place in Turkey, where representatives from France, Russia, China, Germany, Britain, and the U.S. have been trying to convince Iran to suspend any uranium enrichment procedures currently underway. Tehran has so far refused, saying that it is “not up for discussion.”

“They employed all their might and tried hard to prevent Iran from going nuclear,” President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad allegedly stated, “but Iran went nuclear and there will be no way back.”

Tehran denies any allegations that the enriched uranium will be used to supplement a weapons program, saying instead that they intend to produce nuclear fuel.

Iran has, in the past, refused to allow any investigations aimed at discovering if it had been running experiments related to the production of nuclear weapons.