Sarah Shourd and Shane Bauer

Iranian public prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi has reported that the three American hikers who were arrested in July, 2009, would soon have their trial.  Hiker Sarah Shourd was released on bail Tuesday, but Dolatabadi has stated there would be no early release for the two men who remain in prison.

According to Dolatabadi, the paperwork for the hikers has been sent to the court, and the trail will begin soon.

Shourd, her fiance Shane Bauer, and friend Josh Fattal, were arrested in 2009 while hiking in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.  The trio allegedly veered across the border into Iran, were captured, and are now accused of espionage.  They have been held in Evin Prison, in Tehran, awaiting trial.

Shourd met her mother in Muscat, Oman, for her trip back to the United States, on Tuesday.  Her $500,000 bail was posted by Omani sources, according to the Obama administration.  She will still be tried, in absentia.

The families of both men expressed their joy that Shourd was released, while still declaring their hope that the men be sent home as well.  Upon release, Shourd announced that her efforts would now be focused on the release of her fiance and friend.  She stated that neither belonged in prison any longer than she did.  Though she expressed her gratitude for those who assisted in her release, she felt she couldn’t truly enjoy the moment without them by her side.

(image: flikr/Bombadier)